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Making Lost Contact

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Lost Contact - Film Soundtrack

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Independent Film Production

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POM began his musical career playing in Bluegrass circles on steel strung guitar but eventually moved over to nylon strings after developing an interest in Flamenco styles and techniques.

He soon began crossing these with a more contemporary approach (use of a plectrum and double-handed playing on the fret board). In the mid 1990's a trip through Europe with another guitarist found him settling amongst Spanish Gypsies from the Camargue Region of Southern France. He was accepted into their group. Here he crossed boundaries and spent time playing, absorbing their culture and comparing guitar styles.

1996 into 1998 He was Music Co-ordinator for "Theatre De Complicite" C/o The National Theatre, Southbank, London, in exploratory workshops for "Caucasian Chalk Circle" and projects expected for 1999.

From 1999-2001 POM was involved with a nine-piece acoustic band called 'Café Aman' run by an artist called Martha Lewis. With roots in Greek culture the band pushed the boundaries between electric and acoustic music bringing in influential styles from Jazz, Classical, flamenco and eastern European folk music.

At this time he began developing His own unique style of playing. Influences upon this style range from Paco De lucia to Eddie Van Halen. Continuously covering new ground POM explores the concept of acoustic guitar into music of popular culture although sometimes finding conflict between the purity of his style and the need for further expression.

More recently POM has been involved with film. He composed soundtracks for his own award winning short films as well as being the focus of a short piece of film aimed at directly expressing the style and performance of his music. This culminated in the undertaking of a massive project entitled LOST CONTACT. Lost contact is a feature film project which completed post-production in mid 2002. As well as producing and directing the film, POM spent six months prior to photography, researching, developing and composing the soundtrack for the film which has become a strong element in the films appeal.

He has already been recognised by American guitar sites as a great in the making. One such site ,‘Tinfoil Music’, recently reviewed the Lost Contact soundtrack to much acclaim and interviewed the guitarist for their renowned ‘Guitar Gods’ interview series which has featured accomplished masters such as Michael Hedges, Tommy Emmanuel and Steve Vai.

Pure and raw in style, POM adds new meaning to contemporary guitar. His spontaneous approach is backed up by phenomenal technique, emphasising a true disregard for electronics with furious contempt.

"Sure us electric leadsters like to think we're hot but what this fleet fingered London lad can do on a nylon strung acoustic guitar.. Sheesh getouddahea!!!".

- Guitar Magazine - (UK)

"Although playing, periodically, at almost gratuitous speeds, I conceded to the skill through his humour and considerable taste. The inventiveness with which he played his Flamenco guitar using a double-handed technique more associated with electric guitarist Eddie Van Halen captivated an audience receiving him with vociferous appreciation".

- Classical Guitar Magazine, concert review: The Purcell Room, South Bank, London.

"You probably won't have seen an acoustic nylon strung guitar played like this before is what P O M says. No sh** Sherlock! Is my reply. P O M has all the makings of an electric guitar hero; tattoos, long hair, attitude, two handed tapping techniques and killer chops - believe me, the guy is good. What he doesn't have is a pointy headstocked rock axe and a dirty great Marshall stack - far too easy. Instead P O M abuses a Conde Hermanos Spanish made flamenco acoustic. Using techniques usually associated with the likes of Van Halen, Vai and Satriani, P O M thrashes his guitar into submission with more style, flair and musical taste than is strictly fair for one person to possess".

- Guitarist Magazine. Performance and album review.

"P O M is an intense and extremely gifted guitarist & composer. With blinding speed and near flawless technique, POM tears into his guitar with all the flair of a flamenco Jimi Hendrix: Shattering and shifting ideas about what is possible or even acceptable for an acoustic guitar".

- Tinfoil Music. USA.