"Every child is an artist... the problem is how to remain an artist when he grows up". - Pablo Picasso.
Lost Contact | Independent British Film

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Making Lost Contact

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Lost Contact

No Stars

Who the actors are, is not as important as how well a good story is told.

No Backing

Ultimately... you are on your own.

No Money

£5000 could have bought a half decent Camera and a computer with enough hard drive space and enough memory to edit a feature film...'Three Crows' made the feature film instead.

No Problem

Question the extent of your capabilities, accept the fear... then do it anyway.

Three Crows - Lost Contact
threecrows 'at' lost-contact.com

It's not the winning that counts... it's the taking part.

Lost Contact is distributed by Californian based distributor Echelon Entertainment.

Lost Contact DVD for sale at Singa Home Entertainment

To watch online in the UK at Love Film

For rent in the USA at www.netflix.com

For 'movie download' here at eztakes.com and here at 'Cinema Now'

Soundtrack music taken from the album 'Sleepwalker' by POM available through Copro Records UK.